Monday, 19 March 2012

There's still TIME!

Have you got the Monday morning post weekend blues?! Well if so then I'm here to cheer you up a little and remind you about the coming weekend!!

There is still TIME to sign up for the workshop on Saturday 24th March with me Bev from Uniko Studio to create some FAB CAS (clean & simple) cards using the Time & Extra Time stamp sets!! 

Below are some examples of the type of cards we will be making ...

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to have a 'play' with the stamps and make some cards for all the men in your life!! Hope to see you there! 

Thanks for stopping by today!


a.c.hewitt said...

So lovely to hear from you. I am so impressed by all your endeavours and well deserved success. I answered your comment on my blog but just wanted you to know had hoped to book for this workshop but have to have physio tomoz :-( Are there going to be anymore?!!!! Best of luck with it xoxox

a.c.hewitt said...

Thanx for your messages on my blog Bev.Please let me know future dates, as it may be easier for you to show me with other people rather than using your precious time just on me!!! Might be able to bring my Mother along too as she likes Northallerton ( I don't so could 'kill' !!!! two birds with one stone or even three cos it would be lovely to catch up with you as well)Also....don't know where you live!!!!!! Your studio sounds fab, lucky thing....very envious-no garage/attic to convert unfortunately so lucky I have a largish kitchen to use when necessary (as thos FMP chaotic pics showed last year!!!) Hope to see you soon and learn how to stamp professionally like you.....XoXo

Stacey Schafer said...

very cool set, Beverly! love the vingage-looking clocks with the pop of red on you card!